$50 Friday!

I really need to be better at posting about this!
Here are last week's deals! My mom has another drug store near her that is not in my area which usually has really sweet deals! I give her a Visa giftcard to put towards the deals I find online every week and she picks them up for me. So each time I go to her place I have a little bag waiting for me. Here is what I picked up last week:
This photo should also have a milky way. This drug store has a machine that spits out "free" coupons all the time!! The carefree, bandaids and milkyway were all free! Not sure of what my total was before q's...

Total after Q's: $1.49
That's like running uptown to grab a candy bar from the gas station!

I only managed to get to Walgreens last week, here is how I did!
Total Before Q's: $32.30
Total After Q's: $12.80
Total Savings: $19.50

The tea and chex mix were great deals as they are favorite snacks in our house! and I love those scent and sprays! They were $7.99 and I had a q for $4.00. So I paid 3.99 out of pocket but then got $3 in Register Rewards to use towards my next purchase! It was like getting it for .99!! After q's and using the register reward, I was able to get all the cans of tea and chex mix for .33! Not going to complain!!

Onto this week: it has been interesting! I finally went ACTUAL grocery shopping yesterday (we've been out of town or had guests). I made a quick Walmart trip for some random things and proceeded onto my grocery store. Well, a rather full diaper caused me to run out of wipes, covered part of the car floor and was bad enough to warrant a trip back home! Mind you, that is 17 miles away! After all was well, A and I went back to the grocery store. I didn't get a picture but this trip included chicken breasts, bone in ckn breasts (going to cube the ckn and make stock), ground beef, lettuce, bananas, cantaloupe, milk, ice cream, soups, LOTS of spaghetti sauce (i think we are set for the winter!) and other things I cannot remember.

Total before Q's: $67.23
Total After Q's: $54.15
Total After Subtracting Purchases made for My Mom: $50.15
Total Savings: $17.09 (taking $4 from Mom into acct)

I still want to hit up Walgreens and Target, perhaps tomorrow!
Thanks for checking in! And if you are interested in learning more about saving $$ on your next grocery bill check out www.krazycouponlady.com or shoot me an email!

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