Week 13

This has been a GOOD week!! Ah, FINALLY!!

Without further adieu, I bring to you Remember the Magic Scarf #1, Modeled by its recipient!
I gave in and gave it to her early. I had to. It is starting to get chilly here and it was just time. I am taking this week off from these scarves but expect to start the second one next week!

Here is the Hawkeye Scarf (thankfully the model stuck around to show off this scarf).
I hope its recipient likes it! It is October 3rd and I have met TWO goals already!
October YOP Goals:

*Send Hawkeye Scarf (I have been known to keep pkgs on my table for weeks...)
*Finish HP scarf BY October 2nd

*Start A's Jingle Bell's Hat
*Try to keep at One A Day

I have not started the Jingle Bell Hat yet, I need to dedicate this week to a couple gift items.
My One A Day has been going okay. I started A's Vest over and have good progress on that. And finally have needles test swatch his afghan. Come back tomorrow for Tuesday Tallies!!

In other news, if you do not mind reading a bit longer, I am in trouble. Look what I learned how to do:

...My sides are a little wonky, not the best at figuring out which stitch to use at the ends...

I realllly like crocheting. I attended a class last week and learned SC and DC and am hoping to get back this week again. I already have projects in mind...this could be bad. I want to make A some hats and possibly start a lapghan. And then the teacher busted out a crochet hook that lights up! WHAT?! Oh dear.


  1. What a productive time you've had and congrats on your new skills at crocheting! It's a lot of fun and nice to have a different type of craft to enjoy. I still prefer knitting but sometimes, it's nice to make a granny square afghan to change things up!

  2. Great finishes. Congrats!

  3. Yay to crocheting :). I love the scarves too.

  4. yay for crocheting!

  5. UMMM HELLO! How on earth did you get her to pose for a picture?! I'm amazed. I've tried, it's next to impossible, seriously...right next to it.

  6. Oh, ehem, sorry...your projects are lovely.

  7. The scarves are great! And yo'll just love crocheting. It's sooo addictive.

  8. Your scarves are great, it looks like she loves her scarf he he...

    I love stripes :)

  9. Congrats on finishing your two scarves! They take such patience and determination.
    Congrats on learning crochet basics! I learned some on my own but it was nice to take a class b/c as a teacher by trade, I want to know the hows and whys. Crocheting is such a fun alternative to knitting. I bought a pamphlet at Beverly's or JoAnn's that's all about crocheted beanies - Crochet Celebrity Slouchy Beanies for the Family (Leisure Arts #75358).

  10. Don't think of it as trouble - it's just more opportunity! Besides, you'll be less annoyed when knitting patterns have crocheted borders now!