I got a blog award? What?!

After a busy weekend, I checked my Rav inbox and had a message from Christine saying there was a surprise on her blog, It's A Knitting Thing! So...I go check it out. And she had been gifted The Liebster Award. So cool!
This award originated in Germany and translates to beloved, dearest, love. The idea is to pass it on to five other blogs that you enjoy that have less than 200 followers...and she picked me as one of the five! WHAT?? I was so surprised! It was very thoughtful. Many thanks to Christine! Go check out her blog here.

Now I have the pleasure of sharing it with 5 blogs that I enjoy reading and hope you will too:

1. Elphia Designs--she designs the CUTEST purses!
2. Knitting @ Lunch--i somehow stumbled across her blog and she inspired me to become a better knitter.
3. Mama Journeys--she also knits but blogs about other topics as well. Very helpful information and a JOY to read!
4. Slightly Sprightly--a fellow crafter, and might I add, talented! watch this one!
5. Everywhere Knits--a relatively new blog i somehow stumbled upon. Cute blog and fun to read!

There are MANY other blogs that I really enjoy reading in addition to these. Check them all out under the 'Blogs I Read' tab on my blog!


  1. Aaak! How sweet! Thank you! I will pass on the goodness after I get thru my next 2 crazy days. (Ella starts 1st grade... Sniffle, sniffle...I don't want her to go all day). I look forward to checking these other blogs out.

  2. ah! Thank you!! WOW! How awesome. You're so sweet to pass this award onto me, especially when I've been so sporadic... I promise to be better now, really.

    You're so awesome, thank you!

    Now, to pass it on...

  3. Congrats! This reminded me that someone gave me that award last month and I never posted it...oops! Off to do that now, ha!

  4. Awww wow! Thank you so much!!!! I hadn't been on Ravelry in awhile so I just saw your note. Thank you for picking me!!!! I can't believe I inspired you... I've been such a lazy knitter this year with having a baby :-)