...One A Day...

Time for a Tuesday Tally One A Day Update!!

Since I only do a row a day, progress is obviously slow. :o) I am having a tough time deciding if I want to continue this pattern for A's Afghan:

Close up of the squares:
I don't mind the fingering weight yarn or the fact that it will take forever. My issue is this:
Can you see how loose it is? Well, it seems loose to me. Hubby says it looks okay and to keep going. Does it look as bad as I think it does? So I pose a question to you fellow readers, do I continue doing what I am doing? Do I switch to a SIZE 2 needles? Do I find a completely different pattern? HELP!

In other news, I made good progress on A's vest:
But I fear it is going to be too wide. I went up to worsted weight, up needle size and CO 10 more stitches. I chatted with a fellow knitter who followed the same course for her 6 month old and it ended up fitting her 3 year old. I'll probably slip a lifeline through, pull it off the needles and see how wide it is. Will likely rip it out and start again.

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  1. I think your blanket will be fine... I would think it is better to be looser than tighter. Noone wants to snuggle up to a stiff blanket! And in the pic where you have it lying on the table it looks fine to me. It's your call though!

    With the vest I'm thinking you will have to rip. I've made many a project like that (sweaters, hats) where I took it off the needles mid project and it stretched out another foot!!! LOL! I hope you can find the perfect size soon :)

  2. It all looks super complicated to me and I'm definitely not the one to offer advice! If you have doubts now, don't do anymore until you've measured I'd say, better to figure these things out sooner than later. Hope it works out well!

  3. I like firmer knitting, so would probably find that too loose for my liking, especially for a blanket. Could you swatch a small piece with the smaller needles and see if you like it better?

  4. I actually think the looser is better. You want the blanket to drape and wrap, too stiff and it will just lay there. It will still be warm and cozy.

  5. Sorry not to be any help as I am not a good knitter but I hope you sort it out soon.

  6. I don't knit but crochet so can't really comment, all I know is if I don't enjoy the pattern i'm working on I always end up pulling it out so I wouldn't go any further until you decide. Hope it works out for you. Deb xxx

  7. Here's my theory. It doesn't matter what anyone thinks if you are having doubts you will keep having doubts and most likely not be happy with the final product. Stop now before it comes a bigger investment of your time.
    Hope you work both projects out soon. Good Luck

  8. I don't knit so it's really hard to comment, but you seem to think it's too loose and that's what matters. I think I'd probably try out the smaller needles and see if that helps at all and take it from there. The longer you carry on the less you'll probably want to start over!

  9. I think the blanket is ok that way, as it will still be warm but have some space to be cool...if that makes sense...but if you would like it to be tighter then you are best using smaller needles :)

    If the vest is going to be too big, I would figure something out as you don't want to knit something too big and it does take up your time as well :)

  10. I think if you are not happy with it you should change the needles otherwise its going to annoy you the whole way through and you may not want to finish. Having said that, looking at it, it looks fine! So really its your call. But I would be making up your mind before going any further. :-)