Late $50 Friday!

A few of you have been asking about my $50 Friday posts and where they went. Summer has been so busy that I have not been doing a lot of couponing! But I am hoping to start back up again and score some awesome deals!

Here are a few deals I found last week at a couple different places. Cheap batteries, hair stuff and pasta to name a few! Best Deal? Those HUGE bottles of shampoo and conditioner for .25 a piece!
I didn't go "normal" grocery shopping as we had company over this weekend and I shopped for that.

Total Before Coupons: $52.98
Total After Coupons: $16.23
Total Savings: $36.75

There were some great diaper deals last week too AND I had coupons to make them even better!
Total Before Coupons: $147.12 (this should actually be more as the diapers I bought were at sale price, not regular price like they would normally be if shopping for them weekly).
Total After Coupons: $94.58
Total Savings: $52.54
Approximately .13 cents a diaper!!!

Did you use coupons this week? What was your best deal?

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  1. Do you like the Luvs?? We've only used them once and my daughter peed through them. We buy the target diapers because even after using a coupon on other name brands the target brand is cheaper!!! Plus they are sooo stretchy we have been in the size 3's forEVER! And I cant remember ever having a leak in them (especially overnight they are awesome). Just curious if you ever price checked with them???