...One A Day...

Ah, I love this One A Day stuff. I am able to get in some knitting everyday but am not letting it become the focus of my day. It has been a lot of fun seeing what other people are working on and how far they have come.
Here is A's Afghan...

The color looks black but it's a very deep dark blue. It's not much to look at right now...but I am 7 rows in! I am only doing a row a day (unless I find a few more minutes, I'll do another) but it feels like it goes pretty quickly. Not far enough to tell if I like the pattern and how the yarn works up but hopefully by the end of the week I will decide.

Now for a funny story: I try to take my pictures on our white radiator cover. I slid A's afghan down and put his vest in its spot. Took the picture and then picked up the afghan. "Oh No!" I exclaimed! And my DH replies, "What happened? You lose a stitch?" I laughed so hard! He sounded so empathetic and just knowing that he understands how angry it makes me to lose a stitch, it was just cute. But thankfully, no stitches lost. It had gotten dust on it. (insert embarrassed face). Probably had to be there to fully appreciate the humor behind it...

And I decided to give the Pebbles a whirl as I think it will knit up faster than Pembroke. :o)

Yeah...not too far...I'm playing around with needle size and amt of stitches as I want it to be 6 months+. Hope to have a good idea on this by next week. Here's to another week of One A Day! Check out Gingerbread Girl's blog for more Tuesday Tallies!


  1. The colour is gorgeous....and so the long road begins eh?! I have not got my yarn yet, so haven't started mine yet, but hoping to get it this week.

  2. What a great idea, I'm going to check out this group too! It seems to be either feast or famine with me, maybe with this I can find an in between... lol

  3. I love the pattern for the afghan. I did a similar one for my third daughter :)

    Thanks so much for joining in with One a Day xXx

  4. I can do knitting, these kind of knitting needles are something i've yet to try.

    I like the pattern for the blanket, can't wait to see your progress :)

  5. Great patterns, I must try to become a better knitter so I can give something like this a try.

  6. I really like the pattern for your blanket - I'm looking forward to seeing your progress with it! :)

  7. I love the pattern and look forward to seeing the progress. I'll be joining in with you all next week, it's such a fun group.xxxx