Year of Projects--Weeks 11 & 12\September Recap

Week 11 Update: I missed this one...oops...and by the time I got to writing about it, it was Friday. Decided it probably was not worth it as all I had done is work on the HP scarf.

Onto Week 12!

I have found out that I reeeaaallllyyy do not like having more than one project OTN at once. Well, wait. I really like the "idea" but I cannot do it. I cannot bring myself to work on anything else until this first HP scarf is done. Then again, it has been an excellent project for TV time and car rides, which is when I do most of my knitting. I have had A's Afghan and Vest in my travel project bag a couple times in the last two weeks and I always pull out that scarf. Of course that could be because I frogged the vest and need to do a test swatch with smaller needles for his afghan before working on it again.

ANYWAYS! I told myself (and my DH told me) not to post this update until HP Scarf #1 is DONE! Well, it isn't quite done...but I have this type of anxiety about missing TWO weeks worth of posts. Here it is so far...it needs one more repeat for sure, possibly 2.

Remember this beauty? The Hawkeye Scarf. I started and completed it before A was born. All I had to do with bind off the beginning of the scarf and block. It has taken 4 months for me to pick it back up and complete those final steps.

Don't mind the junk in the picture, our guest bedroom tends to be the room where things get dumped. It looks a little wonky in the middle but that is due to the towels overlapping each other. This was the first time I actually threw a project in the washer and then blocked. The stitches looks stretched out after washing...is this normal?? As soon as it's dry, it will be shipped off to its recipient!

And September's Recap:
Christmas 2011 (due dates for projects in italics)

*Yarn Swap Gift--August 1st
*Hawkeye Scarf--September 1st

*Owlie Sack for Baby Smith--November 1st
*Special Occasion Scarf for Grandma Faye--December 25th (WIP)
*Owlie Sack for Baby Ruyter--December 1st
Jingle Bells Hat for Aiden--December 1st
4 Secret Christmas Scarves--December 25th (only NEED to make 3) (WIP)
*1 Secret Christmas Scarf--December 25th
*Kindle Pocket--December 25th

Mittens for Mom--December 25th
*Hats--December 25th
(For: Kyle, Joshua, Jason, Daniel)
*Hanging Dishtowel for Z--December 25th
Leg Warmers--4 sets for my nieces...not entirely sure about this, but my husband thinks it would be neat, so I am adding it.

Top 6 Blog-A-Long Picks
Aiden's Afghan (WIP)
*Fingerless Mitts for Me
*Pillowcase for Bedroom
*Ballband Dishcloth
*Leg Warmers--inspired and motivated by a fellow blogger and Blog A Long member,

The In Case I Finish List
*Sweater for Me
*learn how to knit entrelac
*Coffee Koozie
*Breast Cancer Dishcloth
*Baby Sweater\Vest (WIP)
*Windmill Bag
*Baby Feet Dishcloth

**since last update, I've completed nothing. Not a darn thing. Sad Day. Rather, sad month.**

5/33 completed.

Another reader makes monthly goals for herself...I am thinking about giving that a shot, so here goes!

October (WHAT?? OCTOBER?) YOP Goals:
*Send Hawkeye Scarf (I have been known to keep pkgs on my table for weeks...)
*Finish HP scarf BY October 2nd.
*Start A's Jingle Bell's Hat
*Try to keep at One A Day

Short list for this month as I have a few birthday gifts to work at as well. HERE GOES!

Big thanks to everyone's comments and support from YOP!!


  1. I love your HP scarf and way to go you being nearly finished it. How many repeats are you doing, I'm doing perhaps 19, 10 of the main colour and 9 of the secondary colour ?.
    I love your hawkeye scarf, I'm afraid I can't advise on the blocking after being in the machine as I've only handwashed and blocked.

  2. Love the HP and I am sending post office vibes your way. I know how tough it is to mail out those finished projects :).

  3. Your harry potter scarf is looking great!! The second scarf is looking really good, I dont think there is anything wrong with the stitches seeming a bit stretched out :)

  4. Go Gryffindor!!! Woo hoo! You have such patience for scarves. My you'll be lookin' snappy this Fall and Winter!

  5. Both your scarves are looking great, you must have great patience! I can't do anything as I travel because it makes me sick, actually even the thought of it makes me sick!