...The Love of Colour...3KCBWDAY1

Knitting and Crochet Blog Week 2012 has started! This is my first time participating in KCBW and am looking forward to it!

Today's KCBW topic: Colour Lovers, specifically, how do I go about choosing colors for fiber projects.

Good question.

I thought for sure the answer was in my stash of yarn. So I took a look...to my surprise, no one color stood out! There were Browns and Creams. Bright oranges and some yellow. Grays and Blacks. Variegated pinks. Purples. Greens. Blues. Not one stood out.

There was, however, one color NOT present in my yarn stash. Red. I have a good feeling as to why: My Husband. He strongly dislikes red. Therefore, I have zip. zero. nada. single ounce of red yarn. Then it dawned on me...perhaps my color influences come from my surroundings. While thinking about this, I took a walk around my house.

My hubby's favorite color is obvious after looking at this picture: Orange. He owns SEVERAL orange shirts and almost EVERYTHING he owns has some sort of orange on it. Orange waterbottle, watches, sunglasses, and yes, even his hangers are orange.

I took a look in my yarn stash and of course, found Orange:

Hmm...this IS interesting! What other surroundings influence my color choices?

There are elements of sage green in my dining room. There is also sage green in my stash!

Something similar happened with my living room where chocolate brown is the secondary color...


When it comes to choosing yarn colors, it appears my influence is all around me. From my husband to my home decor. It was a fun journey to say the least! Of course, I cannot forget the colors that are influenced by my bright personality. ;)

Thanks for stopping by! Come back tomorrow for the second topic in this years Knitting and Crochet Blog Week: Photography Challenge Day!


  1. It's funny isn't it, I'm an independent girl, capable of choosing things for myself, organising things....yet I am still strongly influenced by what my hubby thinks....I'm always put off doing something if my hubby says 'oh, no, I don't like that'....you can also be influenced by things around you without even realising.

    Great post, look forward to seeing your photos tomorrow!

  2. Interesting! I never new people had such strong dislike of red - I don't use it much myself but it always seems to be very popular.

  3. Fun idea! I should have joined that blog thing... oh well at least I can enjoy reading yours!

    1. You can STILL join!!! Just write on whichever days you want! It is pretty fun!