Made It Hap-Pin!

Thank you for coming back! I am so glad you did! I had fun making the Confetti Sprinkle Cookies I wrote about on Monday.

 Confetti Cookie Dough

It is crazy how EASY this recipe was! Cake mix, baking soda, oil, eggs, sprinkles. It called for 1 Cup of sprinkles...and all I had was valentine's day sprinkles in that amount!  At first, I didn't believe that I would use that entire cup but to my surprise, I did!

The cookies turned out perfect! Lots of fun sprinkles in every cookie! My brother and sister came over yesterday and gobbled them up! My only change was to shorten baking time to eight minutes instead of ten.  These will be a lot of fun to make when A gets older! Imagine a kid's face when he\she gets to pour in ALL THOSE SPRINKLES!

Thanks for checking in! Have a great Friday!

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  1. These are so awesome! And I love cake mix based cookies! You're right, getting to pour in all of those sprinkles = awesome for kiddo's. They remind me of something you'd see at a birthday party :)