Made It Hap-Pin!

Well, I am quite late with everything I have made hap-pin the last few weeks...but I HAVE tried a few things.

First off, the orange citrusy cleaning concoction. It's...okay. I did not have as many citrus peels as suggested and I STRONGLY recommend having more than 3 ;) I am using it but it isn't very appealing smell wise.

...Still working on hanging up my hair dryer\straightener storage solution...

But last week was fun! A and I did a few things from a few websites I pinned for  kids his age (10 months).

First we played with a tub of water and toys.

Then, we painted!

 I am trying to find a homemade fingerpaint of sorts that is safe in case he eats it. So far I have tried one made from hot water, flour, cold water, and food coloring. I could have messed it up (somehow?) but it was still quite chunky! A had fun for a little bit, but he preferred shaking the paper around. :0)

Please join the fun! Share how you made your pins hap-pin here:

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