...Year of Projects Update...

Sadly, I really do not have an update! My YOP list has been put aside as I have had requests, orders and gift knitting to do, which I LOVE!! :o)

...But here is a tiny update...

I have been s l o w l y working on the afghan for our room. I started the Moderne Log Cabin Pattern but was not really feeling it. So I have decided I am going to crochet instead. Just plain SC, solid stripes. Not sure if I will made them even or just go until I think I should change colors. :0)

Remember the Special Occasion Scarf? I am pulling it back out for an April KAL with From Robin's Nest Yarn. I have yet to work on it but am hoping to this week!

I am also working on a project bag (not part of my YOP) for Keep It Simple Swaps. I decided to crochet it instead of knitting. I have the bottom and almost one side completed. The pattern is the Paperless Grocery Bag.

Among gift knitting and starting to knit for a few craft shows this fall, my YOP list has been neglected. BUT! I think it will be helpful in making next year's list :0) Props to anyone who has completed close to or all of their YOP list!


  1. The blanket's looking good so far (what there is of it!) and I love the purple bag

  2. Love the colors in your afghan, and I like the idea of just going until you feel like changing. I'm not into complete symmetry. Good luck which ever method you choose.

  3. Requests, orders and gift knitting = hurray! I love it when somebody specifically requests something because then you can be pretty sure it's what they actually want!