...My Knitting Hero...3KCBWDAY3

Today's KCBW topic is all about our knitting\crochet heroes. Of course, I immediately think of the person who taught me the craft.

My Knitting Hero: Corinne.
Coronado Island, California

I can remember the day she taught me how to knit. I had barely been crocheting (and was really terrible at it, honestly, I likely still AM terrible at it) and I saw her knitting one day and knew I had to learn. We were sitting in my living room (with my "I Taught Myself to Knit" packet and HUGE needles in hand. For some reason I thought it would be EASY to learn with sz 16 needles...) and she starting to teach me. I read in my book about "purl-ing" and inquired on how to do it. Her response? "I don't really know, you just place the yarn differently."

Well, I LIKED knitting but eh, didn't really have a passion for it. So the sz 16 needles and abundance of Red Heart yarn sat in a basket, unloved. Fast forward almost 5 years and I LOVE knitting! I am not sure what happened to make me fall in love with it so much.

We laugh now because I am a knitting nerd. I like to talk to her about new yarn, needles, patterns, the fact that I knit my first sweater this winter and she is content knitting her occasional scarf. (and Corinne, they are fabulous beauties! However, if you EVER want to nerd out a little more, you know where to find me). 

So THANK-YOU Corinne for being my Kntting Hero!! Without you, I would not have an abundance of needles, a small dresser (or two?) of yarn, a Ravelry account, my first sweater and a cute striped project bag.

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